Stage 1

Deep clean and wash. This will be achieved using pH balanced wheel cleaner. This will eliminate all dirt, brake dust and contaminants, improving the overall look of your wheels.

This is included in all of our valet packages.

Stage 2

Decontamination using Red Seven. This product is an iron fallout and contamination remover designed to remove stubborn brake dust and environmental fallout from wheels and paint. Red Seven works unlike other iron contamination removers as it’s a thick gel. Once sprayed, the gel doesn’t run off from where you want it to work. You can see it at work as it causes a chemical reaction that makes this clear liquid change colour to a brilliant red, proving it’s working on even seemingly clean surfaces.

May be added to Classic Valet for £5.00


  • pH neutral
  • Safe on all paint surfaces
  • Removes contamination from metal and painted surfaces
  • Safe for all types of wheels
  • Thick liquid, increases contact time
  • Reacts with iron contaminants