One of the only mobile valeting companies in the UK to dry your vehicle with a master blaster. The Master Blasters’ twin motors produce a whopping 8hp, blasting 58,000 ft/min to eat leaf blowers & compressors for breakfast! 2 Speeds, 4hp or the full 8hp of dry clean filtered air to dry your pride & joy in a way no chamois or blade can, leaving water spot & streak free!

Two switches allow us to set the airflow and temperature at 3 different levels. Use either motor (front or rear) independently or both simultaneously for maximum power. Four different nozzles enable us to position airflow where desired and eliminate water spots.

Quickly and safely strips water from your vehicle reducing the chance of light marring to the paintwork. Also removing water from annoying areas like around badges and lights that often drip down the paintwork even after your best efforts to remove all traces.